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Courgars And Beavers Comments Following The Game

LAS VEGAS - Oregon State Quotes Following MAACO Bowl Las Vegas

OSU Head Coach Mike Riley
General thoughts:

''Well, you know, we are disappointed that it wasn't a more competitive game for sure. We hate leaving that opportunity out there. The turnover touchdown in the first part of the game was huge. I also thought they did a great job on a drive into the wind in the first quarter for a touchdown, I thought that was big. They controlled the ball and converted third downs and scored when they were going into that gale force. That was very good by them. I thought that was two key parts by them.''

On BYU physicality compared to others played:

''I think, they have really, really good balance in what they do. I thought their balance between their receivers catching the ball and their running game, and I thought their quarterback (Max Hall) was outstanding on converting third downs. I think it was not our kind of game. I thought the wind did affect us a lot. I thought they handled it better. Their third down conversions were better, their percentage was better. They just executed better than we did tonight. Going in we knew there balance was very good between different players catching the ball and between their run-pass and they just showed that in every part of the game tonight. That's how they basically won it.''

On game conditions:

''I don't know. If there ever was a wind like that, I don't remember playing in a wind like that. When you get in a deal like that we kind of pride ourselves in playing in different conditions. There is nothing like the wind. I thought they handled it better than we did. The kicking game. The percentage of what they did. The balance they got. They just did better than we did in that condition.''

On what he told his team after game:
''It was a very disappointing way to end the season. I hate it for the seniors. We haven't ended a season this way in a long time and it's hard. I'm sorry for them. I told them I thought they did a great, great job this year. From where we started and where we got to. We competed for a conference championship a couple weeks. Got to go to a great bowl game. We didn't finish it the way we wanted to, but I thought this team achieved a lot. I was really, really proud of them.''

On BYU's play against the Rodgers brothers:
''I think it was a little bit of being a victim of getting going, getting rhythm. When we didn't have that rhythm and got them involved, I think the one thing the wind did was it took us away from our wide-field passing game and made it harder. We throw a lot of individual routes to James in the field out there and it was just harder to do or we didn't do it enough or we didn't execute it well enough or it was just because of the conditions a low percentage play. I think those balls that are more on the interior and on a shorter field is why Damola Adeniji for us caught more balls. Those were easier plays to make. Anything that stayed in the air very long was tremendously affected by the wind. I give them credit for the plays they (BYU) made, but those were the same type of throws that they completed.

OSU QB Sean Canfield
On what went wrong:

''They're a lot of things. Offensively that was our worst game. I mean, we were just not in rhythm. Nothing was going. We had a few good plays early. We had a few good plays throughout the game in spurts. Just not in rhythm. Credit their (BYU's) defense. They were great.'
On the wind playing a factor:
''Not at all. Not at all. Both teams were playing in it. We took care of that pre-game and it wasn't an issue.''

On Oregon State's emotional standpoint coming into game:

''I mean, we are the same team we were a month ago, two months ago. We are just trying to get better every week. Emotionally, we were ready for this game. We came in with the expectation of winning. It didn't work out that way. I give credit to BYU. They came ready to play. They're a great football team, obviously. There are no excuses for a loss. We got beat and that's it.''

On the possibility of scoring to open the second half:

''I think, obviously, late in the game was tough, but coming out of half we were, obviously, looking to put the ball into the end zone.''

On throwing adjustments as game proceeded:

''Yeah. Pregame we were out there. Threw skeley, threw some team. We took care of that. During the game our lack of execution wasn't because of the wind."

On lateral pass, supposed to be backwards:

''No, it's supposed to be forwards. And that is something on me. I've got to really focus on depth, on the drop and make sure it is a downhill throw. And make sure what happened, doesn't happen. It was unfortunate. I thought it was a forward pass. He (BYU's Matt Bauman) picked it up and I started running after him. Obviously, they reviewed it and the play stood.''

OSU OL Gregg Peat
On the first quarter returned touchdown and momentum swing:

''A fumble return for a touchdown is pretty killer. What do you say about that? The momentum swings. You have a play and something goes wrong and then it's the next play. Personally, I don't think about what just happened. We had to go to the sidelines for a second and then we came right back onto the field. Play a new play, a new drive. You know, what do you do? You look up at the scoreboard later. Play the game while it's going on. So, just a bad play.''

BYU Quotes Following MAACO Bowl Las Vegas

BYU Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall

''This isn't about myself, or any of the other coaches. This is about the players. There isn't a more fitting tribute to our seniors than to send these guys out with a win in a bowl game. ''

''We took the ball to start the game because our seniors felt like they felt like they could move the ball against the wind. We were able to do that in the first quarter. It really turned the mindset for our team. The wind was something we thought was significant. We just had to manage it the best way we knew how. It was a factor, not the factor. Both teams had to play from start to finish.''

''You don't make those plays (in the wind) without preparation. It takes a mindset and resolve, and our players were prepared.''

''We didn't think we could limit all their plays, but we thought we could stop some of their plays. We felt we could keep them from going over the top of us, and we could stop them from going through us, so we tried to get them to go around us, and in doing that, we figured we could limit the amount of points they would score.''

BYU QB Max Hall

''The seniors got together after the TCU loss and we talked with the team about how we wanted the rest of the season to go. We came out one win after another and we beat Utah. We started preparing for Oregon State early. We practiced hard and really prepared hard to play them. The rest of the team fed off it. I was proud of how our guys played tonight. Despite the elements, and despite playing a great Pac-10 team, we were able to come out on top.''

''We were confident and anxious to continue playing because we felt we were really prepared for this game.''

BYU TE Dennis Pitta

''It was brutal out there. It was freezing. The wind made things a lot worse. Our hands were frozen. I give credit to our team and battling the elements and winning a game like that. It hurt to block, it hurt to catch the ball. Everything hurt; it was so cold.''

''We played with a lot of emotion. I'm really proud of these guys for finishing the season off this way. ''

''We didn't have fun last year like we did this year. It was awesome to cap it off with a win against a team like Oregon State. We started the season off right by beating Oklahoma and then finished the season beating a great team like Oregon State.''

BYU DE Jan Jorgensen

''We just game-planned to stop them (Rogers brothers). That's what we worked on all week. We thought if we could stop them, the rest of the guys couldn't beat us.''

''That wind was horrible. For our offense to go down and score with the wind in their face gave us a lot of confidence. And when we picked up that fumble and scored, we knew we were going to win. That gave us a ton of confidence.''