Team Postgame Quotes

A Deeper Look Into Boise State\'s Win Over Utah

LAS VEGAS - Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Kyle Whittingham

''Boise State is a heck of a football team. Going in we knew to win a game like this we had to be opportunistic. We had great field position several times in the first half and only came away with three points. We turned the ball over too many times against a team like Boise State. We had far too many penalties, almost 100 yards. We didn't convert on third down, only 2-of-13. When you play a team the caliber of Boise State you have to do much better than we did tonight.''

On his team's defensive effort?

''I thought our defense hung in there for a while, then Kellen Moore, who is a tremendous player, got things going with their offense.''

On the running game tonight?

''We didn't run the ball horribly. We had 100 and something yards. In retrospect, play selection-wise we probably needed to dial-up the run-play more than we did. However, I said going in, in the weeks preceding the game, I thought (Boise State's) strong suit was their defense. I know their offense gets a lot of accolades, and is very good. But, I believe the strong suit of that football team is their defense.''

On missed opportunities?

''We put the ball on the ground a lot, a lot of drops. We had good preparation going in to the game. Guys were focused in practice, working hard. We just weren't able to make the plays this year like we have in the past. Without a doubt, I thought the missed opportunities in the first half would come back to haunt us, especially playing a team the caliber of Boise State. When playing a team like that, you better be able to capitalize on any opportunity that comes your way.''

On Boise State's 84-yard touchdown run?

''It kind of broke our back. I was contemplating a fake punt on the play before that. We have a fake punt that we like in that situation, but our defense had been playing well up to that point. Also, if we didn't convert we would give them the ball at midfield.''

Zane Taylor (Senior Center, #77)
On Boise State's defensive line?

''I put [Boise State's defensive line] right up there with TCU and Pittsburgh. They are a solid defensive line.''

On the end of Utah's bowl-game winning streak?

''It's disappointing not only for me but for everyone that has been in this program. It's not the way you want to end your career. It's not the way you want to leave the program. It's hard and it hurts. It hurts bad. It's hard to explain more than that. It just hurts.''

Head Coach Chris Peterson
Opening statement?

''Hats off to Jeron and company, coach Kwiatkowski, tremendous, tremendous effort. I certainly didn't think it was going to go that way. I thought we'd play a little more rhythm on offense, and I thought Utah would get a few more things. ?But I thought these kids played very hard and very inspired.''

On the effort of his defense?

''I can't say enough about our defense. It probably shouldn't have been that close, but Utah made some plays, but we also didn't make some plays that we normally can make and should make. But that's how it goes sometimes in Bowl games.''

On Doug Martin's 84-yard touchdown run?

''I liked our mentality right before [Doug] Martin took off on that long run. The defense was in the offensive huddle, the offensive guys were going and I knew something good was going to happen. It wasn't frustration but it was more of just biting down and 'let's go' and he popped on right away.''

On falling a game short of a perfect season?

''It's so unbelievably difficult to win every game. That's why you got to play the game. There are a lot of hurdles to get over.''

On what strong defensive play can mean?

''I think when you see how well the defense is playing, it kind of makes you breathe a little easier (that) you don't have to make every play right now. I knew we would hit a stride sooner or later.''

Quarterback Kellen Moore
On the slow start?

''For whatever reason the first quarter didn't start off well; Utah made a few plays and we screwed up on a few things. Fortunately for us, football is a long game. The defense played well in the first quarter to keep us in it.''

On falling short of a perfect season?

''We still had a great season, we had a great team. We didn't take care of business in one opportunity and Nevada kind of deserved that victory, they took care of business. This is still a great team and one of the best teams in the country. The seniors have done so much for this program and have done a great job.''

On the final drive of first half?

''Those are always fun. Pressure is on you, you have a minute or so, you got a timeout or two. It's about getting completions, moving the ball, getting positive gains every play. And I think we do a really good job of that and executing it.''

Safety Jeron Johnson
On preparing for the final game of his career?

''We had a great plan coming into the game. We were called out a little bit. So we had to step up our game, bring our A-game tonight. Seniors, we wanted to go out on top. The underclassmen helped us do just that.''

On the defense doing their part, especially early on?

''Our offense has done a good job all year, scoring early and making our job easier. Today they came out a little slower and we had to pick it up for them. We prepared very hard for this game. We knew that we could play with these guys and we just wanted to come out and prove it.''