Kickoff Media Conference Quotes

Read what the Broncos and Sun Devils were saying a day before the bowl game



Emcee Dick Calvert's opening statement?
''A very pleasant good morning everyone. I want to welcome you to the final gathering before our 20th edition of the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas. We are delighted that you took the time for this news conference. The way this will work, is that you can see on your right we have ASU and on your left Boise State University. We will have both coaches speak, there will be an opportunity for questions from the audience. We will also give a couple of questions to each of the players that are with us this morning. I must tell you that there will be no one-on-ones at the conclusion of this press conference. To get this kicked off in the proper manner, it is my pleasure to introduce the head football coach of Arizona State University, Dennis Erickson.''

Dennis Erickson
Arizona State's head coach Dennis Erickson opening statement?
Thank you. First of all I would like to thank MAACO and the city of Las Vegas for the invitation and opportunity to play here. It has been an unbelievable time for our players in the last couple days. It's an opportunity for us, a challenge more than anything, to come and play in this football game. It's huge for our seniors, we have got 23 or 24 seniors who have gone through quite a few things in last couple weeks. It gives them an opportunity to finish up their senior year and we are excited about playing the game.''

Question about Boise State's defensive line?
''They are probably as good as any we have played, maybe the best. They do some different things and are solid in all aspects; it's hard to find a weakness. Their front and their defense have been playing together for a long time.

Thoughts on being last bowl game?
''It's just starting to set in now, I've been doing this a long time and have coached over 400 games in my career. To get to this point, you never know if something like this is coming. I think it will hit me harder after the final football game when I'm sitting at home watching bowl games, which is what I do. It is reason to focus, since everything went down, to get ready for this bowl games. We need to come out and play as hard as we can play.''

Thoughts on coaching again?
''That's a good question. We will see what happens down the road. It's all I do; it's all I've done. I've been around it since I was six years old. I remember watching film with my dad on 16-millimeter type thing. It's all I've ever done, so we will see. I couldn't make and decisions right now, but we will look at it down the road.''

Impressions of Boise State's offense?
''Well I look at it every year and it's the same, they score a whole bunch of points. They mix it so well. I've studied them all the time before we play them just to see what they do. They have a tremendous plan in what they do to take advantage of the players that they have. Kellen is one of the better quarterback in college football, in my opinion. Guys make plays all the time and they're in position to make plays. It's fun to watch on tape, but I don't know how much fun it will be to watch them tomorrow night.''

Thoughts on senior class going to a bowl game?
''It's important because we haven't been to one since my first year here. We have all been together for five years. The most important thing to me right now is the team itself and the seniors that have been around. We have been through a lot of things. We have done a lot of great things for Arizona State and I want them to just have this opportunity.''

Studying Kellen Moore?
''He was raised the right way. When you are raised in a family like him and his brother, it's special and you can see that when you watch him play. He knows the game and understands it and just makes plays. He throws it where no one can think he can throw it, for touchdowns. I can't say enough great things about him and what he has done, and he has got a pretty good group in which he plays with. They are just a great offensive football team and he is great, great player.''

ASU QB Brock Osweiler
EMCEE-What a win would mean to you and your team?
''It would mean a lot to this team. Last year we were kind of in the same situation going into the Arizona game and we went down to Tucson and pulled off the upset. That kind of propelled us going into the offseason. It gave us a lot of momentum and energy to get through those dark winter months when you had to be in the weight room at six a.m. everyday. So if we can go out there and put up a good performance and get a win against a quality team like Boise, I think it would do the same for our football program going forward.''

EMCEE-How has the transition been becoming a full-time football player?
''Well I haven't played basketball in four years, but the questions keep rolling in. Basketball definitely helped my football game. From footwork to lateral athleticism to having the court vision and making passes. I think the two sports really coincide together. Throughout my basketball career, it only made me a better football player. But when signing day came, I couldn't give up the game of football. I love it too much. So I felt it was time to put basketball on the back burner and put my focus and attention on football. I'm just thankful for coach Erickson for giving me the opportunity to come to ASU. It has been the time of my life and I love being the quarterback for the Sun Devils.

What makes you think you can go out and beat a team like this?
''I know the talent and the potential that this football team has. I saw it when we played at Missouri, I saw it the night we played USC, I saw it when we went on the road and beat Utah. I understand what this football team is capable of and we come into the game focused and ready to play, shoot the sky is the limit for this football team. We won't back down from anyone and that's the mentality we have had this entire season. We are just looking forward to having the opportunity to play a quality football team like Boise.''

Where is the mindset of the team?
''I'm confident. Yesterday we had a great practice. I thought the guys came in focused with good energy. We had great tempo out there offensively. I definitely feel a strong sense that this team is ready to play. Obviously we want to send coach Erickson out on a winning note. He deserves it because of everything that he has given to us as players and this football program and throughout his entire career. We understand what's at stake and we are going to be ready to roll.

Difference between your team in the first half of the season compared to the second half of the season?

''The first half of the season, we just scored more points then everyone else. I don't really know what happened. We tried to put a finger on it over these past couple weeks but we really can't. We came into building the same way, we were focused all week, we practiced the same way, intensity was high, we studied the same amount of hours of film but the ball didn't roll our way the month of November. That happens in football sometimes. People preach that football is a game of inches, and I really learned that this year. It really is a game of inches and every little play does count. Obviously things didn't go for what we had hoped for in the month of November, but fortunately it's a new month and like I said we are excited about the opportunity tomorrow night.''

Boise State Linebacker Colin Parker
EMCEE -Your impression of Boise State?
''Obviously first off, Kellen Moore stands out. He is a great quarterback, I'm sure everyone knows about him. He makes a lot of plays, has great accuracy and great pocket presence. He is definitely going to be a challenge to play against. They have great running backs and a solid o-line. There is really no deficiency on their offence at all. It's going to be a great challenge for us and we are excited.''

EMCEE -Favorite part of Bowl Week?
''My favorite part of Bowl Week was probably last nights show. We got to go see Jabowakeez and it was a whole lot more than what I was expecting it to be. It was good time.''

Emotions going into last game as a Sun Devil?
''It's mixed emotions. I'm excited to get the opportunity to play a great team in my last game. I couldn't have asked for a better situation with the way our season worked out. But at the same time I'm sad that it's finally coming to an end. I've been here for five seasons and I have grown up a Sun Devil fan my whole life. It's going to be hard to finally sit down and realize that I'm no longer a Sun Devil football player. I'm really excited to play this last game.

''What we will do is move over to the left side. Coach Petersen is sitting in the same exact seat he sat in last year when he brought his team to the bowl game. So it is my pleasure to introduce the head football coach of the Boise State Broncos, coach Petersen.''

Chris Petersen
Boise State's head coach Chris Petersen opening statement?
''First thing is we are really excited to be here, we truly are. When we got invited back a lot of our guys were thrilled with the invitation. Being here last year and knowing how they run this bowl, they do such a great job. The second thing is playing a team like Arizona State. With the coaching and the talent they have, our guys know and have a lot of respect for what goes happens on that side. We are familiar with that conference and how competitive and balanced it is. We study tape and we know good players and good coaches when we see them. We are really excited for the challenge. A lot of mixed emotions in this last game with playing our last game as a team. A lot of awesome players have played a lot of football for us will be walking out of this game. We are just excited to get another chance to play.

Opinion on the production of defensive tackle?
''We have been very fortunate for to get Billy. I think he has made tremendous strides not only as a player but also as a person. Just that whole group, that whole d-line mesh so well. They have all complimented each other. Chase playing next to him for four years has been such a great combination. We realize how lucky we are to have Billy as well as our other guys.''

Thoughts on having a few weeks off before the game?
''I'm not good at predicting how these games are going to go, they always seem to go different then you think they will. I think a little bit of time off always throws a little bit of a curveball to it. Certain sides of the ball can lose some rhythm that you had a few weeks ago.''

Feelings on BCS system now knowing you are heading to the Big East?
''I don't really know, we are so focused on this game. We are excited to be here, I know that. I think this is a great location for our fans. We haven't thought about the BCS for a long time.''

On having emotional energy for the game?
''I hope we are emotional. We play our best when we are emotional as most team's do. This needs to be an emotional game. We need to keep it in check so you can play good football but this game is all about playing with emotion so hopefully we bring that emotion into this game.

Boise State Offensive Lineman Nate Potter
Thoughts on Broncos offense and why it's been so effective during your career?
''I think there are a lot of factors. It has to do with the coaches first of all, we have phenomenal coaches that work with us all the time on fundamentals and game planning. I think it has to do with how we have evolved as an offense. The way we approach things in each game and it helps when you have Kellen Moore as a quarterback.''

Thoughts on returning to Las Vegas for third time in 12 months?
''This team we are playing is a great, great team. It's going to be an enormous challenge for us. Just because we were here a couple times in the last year won't help us in that regard. We are familiar with the stadium but I'm sure they will be familiar with it after today.''

What makes Billy Winn such a good player in your eyes?
''It his size, but it's a combination of his speed and quickness that goes along with it. It's rare to see that and he takes full advantage of it. It has been a challenge for me the last five years but has helped me grow as a player.

Thoughts on blocking for Kellen Moore one last time?
''Not really any emotion right now. I'm sure after the game there will be some emotion but right now we are just focused on our opponents. Their d-line is probably the best we have seen all year so it will be a great challenge for our o-line and that's where all of our attention is.''

How do the Sun Devils measure up to the Georgia D-Line?
''The Georgia defensive line was great, but the Sun Devils are more well rounded at every position. They have great players. I can underplay how big of a factor that is and how big of a challenge it will be for us.

Boise State Defensive Lineman Billy Winn
Opinion of Brock Osweiler and Sun Devil offense?
''Brock's physical play stands out the most. He can move the ball around but he can also run. He's not afraid to take off. He reminds of Ben Roethlisberger, if I can say that. He is not afraid and is a very confident guy. He makes things happen for their offense.

Feelings on coming home to Las Vegas to play in front of relatives?
''It has been incredible to come and play in front of a home crowd, it makes you feel great inside. It's kind of my gift to my family being able to play in Las Vegas. It's just great.

Thoughts on the chemistry of the defensive line?
''It's very important. We play well when we are all having fun. I think it's the unity that we have amongst the d-line that has advanced our play.''

Impact of playing against Kellen Moore everyday?
''We have played against Kellen every day. You don't know what he is going to do. He will throw a wrinkle at you and you have to respond to it. While your trying to do that, he has created another one to throw at you. It's just hard to keep up with him.

What stands out to you in playing at Boise State?
''I'm just going to remember the guys I've been around. It has been a blast and I have created relationships that are going to last the rest of my life.''